Welcome to Sexy Christian Marriage

This blog/website’s mission is to share Biblical truth with Christian couples to help them become disciples of Jesus Christ by understanding the importance of having a healthy balance of physical intimacy within the confines of marriage.

There are lots of Christian books, blogs, and articles out there on the subject of marriage. Why? Because most Christian couples, if they’re honest, want a great marriage.

At the same time, these same couples have no idea how to develop a godly marriage of love, tenderness, and peace.

Meet Omar and Saleama Ruvalcaba

Omar and Saleama can boast today about their great marriage but that was not always the case. At one time their marriage was horrible almost ending in divorce. That all changed when Omar and Saleama asked Jesus Christ to be their Lord and Savior. However, their marriage completely transformed when they started to learn how God views physical intimacy in marriage. Their marriage transformed into a great godly marriage when they began to see physical intimacy within the confines of marriage as an act of worship to God.

Saleama started to change her view of physical intimacy when she began to see physical intimacy through the eyes of God. She stopped having “headaches” every night and started to honor God through loving physical intimacy with her husband.

Omar began to treasure Saleama. Omar began taking Ephesians 5:25 to heart. He admits that not viewing physical intimacy through the eyes of God made him insensitive to Saleama’s needs.

When they humbly sought God together their marriage changed.

Believe it or not, a healthy balance of physical intimacy within the confines of a Christian marriage can move beyond the four walls and into the world. Omar became a godly Christian leader inside the home and outside the home.

Don’t be mislead! Simply having more sex will not make your marriage better. You and your spouse must learn how and why a healthy balance of physical intimacy in marriage can transform it.

Omar and Saleama are available to speak to groups about having a godly marriage. You may request Omar and Saleama separately to speak to your men’s and women’s groups. You may also request they speak together. Use the contact page.